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Connect. My word of the year. I was inspired to choose this word and make it my purpose. To make better connections with people. To reach out to others, to listen to others, and to get to know others more … Continue reading

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Here I am.

I’m sitting in my local Starbucks, tapping away at my phone that has only 19% battery life. I sit at a table for six with two other people whom I do not know. They were pleasant when I asked to … Continue reading

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How was your day?

Overseen on FB: Putting leah to bed tonight I asked her how her day was: It was SOOOOOO good. I played toys, I saw friends, I hugged my Luis, I went on the potty and I made so many people … Continue reading

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Coloring Books, Sponges and Kids

“Children aren’t coloring books.                                                                         … Continue reading

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Romance, motorcycles and marriage

Toward the end of a tense day during which I felt like I was getting nowhere, just digging a hole, Bill called me as he left work. The sun was shining, the temperature was mild, and he wanted to know … Continue reading

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#WhatIdTell18YearOldMe – Don’t eat the Donuts!

Trending on Twitter right now is the hashtag #WhatIdTell18YearOldMe Reading through those posts caused me to laugh, cringe, nod in agreement and shake my head in disgust. I tweeted a few words to join in the sharing, but reading the posts also … Continue reading

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Winter Sky – Seize the Day

December. Having grown up in the north, the cold winters we experience here in Pennsylvania are short. Definitely cold, but shorter than I grew up with. That’s not a bad thing, but I really do love the winter. It makes … Continue reading

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No one ever told me I’d have to shave!

No one ever warned me that I would begin losing hair in my forties. Yes, losing it, and growing more in others spots. No, I don’t mean from the top of my head. Always low maintenance, my body hair was light … Continue reading

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Exercise: Make it your BFF

Back when I was 25, wearing my scandalous bikinis that were so provocative, I never ever would have guessed that I would be overweight. I was not a big shopper, but I loved to wear a sexy dress to show off my … Continue reading

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