Exercise: Make it your BFF

Back when I was 25, wearing my scandalous bikinis that were so provocative, I never ever would have guessed that I would be overweight. I was not a big shopper, but I loved to wear a sexy dress to show off my curves. I ALWAYS wore a belt.

I was serious about weight-lifting, and I ran, and for the most part, I ate healthy meals.

But something happened along the way. 

I began to eat as a coping mechanism, and I began to get lazy. 

I slowly gained weight. When I would diet, and lose weight, I still thought I was heavy, and eventually kept eating and not exercising, and gaining weight again.

Vicious Cycle.

We’ve all heard that.

But some of us are smarter about it.

Rebecca, 47, whom I’ve mentioned before, still works out faithfully every day. She is famous for getting people up at 4am to exercise while away on business trips. Do I need to mention that she is still a fit size 6?

The other thing I didn’t mention about Rebecca is that she loves food, and always enjoys a dessert after lunch. This, she tells me, is the reason she works out so much. But I’ve also seen her eat. Her portions are reasonable, and her lunches are her biggest meals of the day. She often eats salads for dinner, depending on what her husband is making.

Claire, 47, jogs nightly, despite her demanding 12 hour/day job and 3 boys. She is also extra careful of how she eats. She is not good with sweets, so she really limits herself, and her lunches are small, usually a yogurt or salad, and pretzels, and she eats her big meal with her family.

Neither of these women ever stopped exercising. And this, I am sure, is the ticket to more than just (just!) a svelte body no matter what your age. It is the way to be able to wear the FASHIONS you want to wear and keep going at a good pace so you don’t miss anything along your journey.

So take it from me, if you exercise, DON’T STOP!  And if you don’t exercise, GET GOING!

After all, those sexy dresses won’t wait for you forever!

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