No one ever told me I’d have to shave!

No one ever warned me that I would begin losing hair in my forties. Yes, losing it, and growing more in others spots. No, I don’t mean from the top of my head.

Always low maintenance, my body hair was light colored, if I had any at all.

But in my forties I noticed my sparse eyebrows became sparser (sparser??) and the white blond hair on my upper lip and cheeks began to fill in more! What in the world?

When I began to notice it, I started to do things to take care of it – like shaving. Yes. Shaving.

Fortunately I don’t have to do that often – maybe every 6 months.  It apparently fills in very slowly. I’ve looked it up and it isn’t recommended, but I haven’t had a problem with shaving at all. No, I don’t use shaving cream, I just dry shave (or damp-shave) my upper cheeks and beneath my nose.

And my eyebrows? Well, some perfectly coiffed work comrades (I am not, as you can imagine, one of the perfectly coiffed) were talking about losing their eyebrow hair as well, and they were discussing the many products they had tried to keep their eyebrows in place.

Here are some of their thoughts:

Rebecca is a 47 year old department head, parent of a 14 year old boy, and is always wearing the latest fashion trends – always appropriate for the office and her age, but always cutting edge glamourous.

She was the one who brought the eyebrow issue up in conversation, and she highly recommended eyebrow makeup that you apply with a brush, like this, below, from Macy’s. I saw that E.L.F. had some that looked similar but only cost $3, but I don’t know about the quality. Rebecca felt the quality of the BeneFit Brow Zings was outstanding.

Personally, I am more likely to run up to CVS or Walmart to pick up makeup, since inevitably I run out before I can order it online (though I try too order online, it’s always like getting presents when things come in the mail).

Finally, Claire threw in her two cents. She always looks great but her makeup is always a natural look, and her clothes, while high quality, are more conservative business styles, and at the most, they have a little flare with a cape or shaul and handcrafted jewelry.

She likes to order IT Cosmetics eyebrow pencils from QVC, shown below:

So, I hate to end this, but feel free to chime in with the best eyebrow products you can recommend. I don’t think my eyebrows will be coming in any better anytime soon. All of the hair is migrating to my lip!

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