Winter Sky – Seize the Day


Having grown up in the north, the cold winters we experience here in Pennsylvania are short. Definitely cold, but shorter than I grew up with. That’s not a bad thing, but I really do love the winter. It makes me appreciate spring that much more.

But I love the smell of the cold air. I love it when the scent turns to snow, and you can tell it is coming. I like the how the sky turns pale and the sun turns a soft lemon color.

The trees contrast starkely with the blue skies, as the leaves are gone and the trees aren’t so much one big object anymore, but many small bodies reaching into space.

The berries are so bright, in contrast.

In the summer, the bright fresh berries we grow are the same hue as the bright green grass and bushes and even the same hue as the royal blue sky. But though faded, the red of the rose hips still seems so buoyant against the pale winter blue.

December 1st. Enjoy whatever it brings you.

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