Life Right Now

I have a huge desire to run. HA. run.  as if.

I mean get away.

And I don’t mean get away for the weekend. I simply cannot see staying in the house we own in the town in which we live. I feel like I want to get onto the back of the motorcycle and race away. And not look back.

A few months ago (Bill) mentioned the idea of him taking a promotion and moving somewhere else. This would give us two things. One, the ability to make more money in the years before we retire. And two, the ability to travel to a few new places to see if we would like to live out the rest of our lives in another location. We aren’t from the state where we have lived for the past 28 years, and though we’ve raised our four kids here I have no ties to this town or this state, except for the fact that I love our church.

When I try to push myself to figure out why I feel this way, I can’t decide. One reason might be some money pressure I’m feeling. I tend to want to put my head in the sand when I’ve let money issues run amok. The other reason might be because our two youngest kids are in turmoil, so as much as I don’t think so, I may have taken that on as my own.

Until next time…


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