Whole30 – Day 17

So as I mentioned before, Whole30 is a whole new experience for me.

And why did we chose to do this over EASTER??? Can you say crazy??

Whole30 – Day 17

(or, my first 2 weeks on whole30)

If you remember, I was super worried that I was going to have severe sugar withdrawal. And while I know this is NOT a diet, I felt for sure I would fail and cheat like a diet. On a diet (not Weight Watchers) I find that I would get unreasonably hungry for things that I “couldn’t” have. On Weight Watchers I didn’t find that this happened, because I count points, however, I consistently went over my points because I tended to indulge! So either way, I was still overindulging like crazy.

Again, though, this is not a diet, and I’m not doing this for weight loss but for the health benefits. And because it does remove all sugar from my day, I thought I would be feeling withdrawn and starving and grouchy. Whole30 participants even mention some effects like this.

However, grumpiness and unreasonable hunger have never occurred! The occasional pang of longing for something has taken place a few times (once it was the popped top of a can of Pepsi, another time it was the site of a caramel chocolate on someone’s desk…), but they have been easy to overcome. I do wake up with REAL hunger in my belly, and I love that feeling. For me it hasn’t been painful, as it sometimes was in a typical week, but inspiring.

Here is one crazy story from my experiences:

On the sixth day my husband came to pick me up at work. When I got into the car I asked him how his day went and how he was feeling. Neither he nor I had experienced any of the withdrawal that we were expecting. He said he was feeling fine. I responded that I wasn’t actually asking about cravings, I was wondering about anything else. I told him that for 2 days I had noticed that I wasn’t experiencing my joint stiffness anymore. Typically after sitting at the computer for 2 or 3 hours straight, my joints would be stiff when I got up from my chair, causing me to walk bent over. As I completed my story, hubster said that he realized (over those same 2 days) that he could move down the stairs as a clip, rather than the painstaking way he typically would go down the stairs at his job. I was incredulous, but he was serious!

How amazing is that?

And now, on day 17, my husband has reminded me that he hasn’t taken his prescription heartburn medicine in 8 days! Craziness!

Another side effect of this whole experience is that I have MORE ENERGY than I have had in years and I am not working out or getting more sleep. In fact, last night I was up (in bed but on my phone) until 12:3pm and today at work I was bustling about and happy. That is just CRAZY. Did I mention that today is Monday??? So that whole thing is insane…

But at least I can have a delicious dinner!!

So, I’ll share more in the future, but in the meantime, if you are intrigued at all, I’d recommend reading the whole30 book, Food Freedom Forever by Marissa Hartwig. I’d also read the blog, at whole30.com






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