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Beautiful Day

Sometimes when we are working our hardest for our family, we begin to feel we MUST do it all. That everything is up to us. We begin to doubt that God will care for us, counting on our own abilities. … Continue reading

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Cheering for Cookies

I knew that I was REALLY good at selling Girl Scout cookies, but I always shuddered to think that I could be good at sales. When I took those personality profiles, I took them twice because one of my career … Continue reading

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Connect. My word of the year. I was inspired to choose this word and make it my purpose. To make better connections with people. To reach out to others, to listen to others, and to get to know others more … Continue reading

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Coloring Books, Sponges and Kids

“Children aren’t coloring books.                                                                         … Continue reading

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Tattooed with negative thinking?

Once our minds are ‘tattooed’ with negative thinking, our chances for long-term success diminish. ~John Maxwell February 2010. When I first thought of keeping this blog about expectations for life and work, I really was thinking that so many people … Continue reading

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