Beautiful Day

Sometimes when we are working our hardest for our family, we begin to feel we MUST do it all. That everything is up to us. We begin to doubt that God will care for us, counting on our own abilities. We want to be able to check off those boxes that say we’ve accomplished everything and more.

Beach Bible

But this is just distraction to break your character, to push you to doubt, to force you to lean away from Christ to widen the chasm between you and Him.

Resolve to give every day to Christ. Meditate. Read the bible. Go to church. Give your time, talents, and money to benefit others. Don’t be stingy with what you have. Struggling because you don’t have a lot of money? Donate your time – even once a month can ease someone else’s burden.

Before you start your day, eat your meals or tackle your to-do list, commit your work to the Lord. At the worst it will help center you and give you a positive start to your day. At best, you will develop a better relationship with God and allow you to arm yourself with strengths that will allow you to work through your struggles and help others.


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