I can see for miles and miles

I don’t live near any family. And as much as I love the family I have, living apart doesn’t allow us to have the mundane experiences that build relationships.

Close, to me, is picking up the phone frequently and asking about day-to-day¬†things. Close, to me, is sharing life any time something funny strikes you, or sad. Experiencing things together. I’m terrible at this, and my aversion to the phone makes it hard to keep long-distance relationships up. Fortunately my family relationships pick up year-by-year, but I do miss that day-to-day interaction.

I’m actually very lucky that I’m close with my husband and children.

I also have a lovely group of friends whom I have known for almost 20 years, and we share as much as we can as our lives march forward. Even then its not a lot, though, despite living in the same area. It has been through Thirty-One that I realized that I am missing out on a lot of sharing, and my heart feels that loss.

The first party I consulted at was a group of ladies who were in a bible study and had been in that same group for years. The laughter and the wine flowed, and silliness ensued. And they welcomed me into their group. For that night I felt that I got to know these ladies and was included in their family. And this is when I realized what I felt I didn’t have in my life.

What a realization. A welcome awareness. Reminding me to make it a point to get closer to people and make an effort to make them feel valued, and allowing them into my life – making both of our lives richer for the effort.

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