Simple stuff.

Today I am frustrated, because earlier this morning I had an aha moment, and thought that it was something I really needed to share on the blog. Because it was so pivotal, I was sure I’d remember it.

I’m home now, at 3:30 pm, after a full and blessed day, and for the life of me I can’t remember what it was I wanted – needed – to share!! Well, be assured it was lovely and eye-opening, lol. I can swear to that because of the type of day I had. Simply enjoyable and fulfilling.

This morning a group of my coworkers and I volunteered at a local food bank. The food bank is at my church. So I was happy to bring some of my coworkers to my favorite place! And the people at the food bank (my church family) was so happy to have the extra hands to help out today. They were so appreciative. And bonus: our worship band was practicing. Bill was scheduled to be on but he had to go out of state to his brother’s to work on his truck. But we got to hear some great music (albeit over and over again because they were practicing, lol, but still!)12189990_10207007747364447_6091569011106868088_n (2)And then after my terrific morning (and after my now-forgotten aha moment), I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with two friends. They are a mother and daughter whom our family met 12 years ago when our daughter Sarah began playing field hockey in 7th grade. We really liked her parents and the whole family was terrific. I’m so glad we are all still in touch. The daughter, Ali, was visiting home for the weekend and is entering grad school in January. She’ll be going into a new field that I just know is perfect for her.

I got home, as you saw, at around 3:30 pm – when I started this post – and had to put it aside then for the next 5 hours because I had to manage the puppy!!!!! I am exhausted, lol.

But even with that, it was a great day. Thanks for letting me share it!

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