Listen here.

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Do you listen? No, I’m not saying this in anger. I’m asking you honestly and kindly.

Do you really listen? Do you allow a break in a conversation to ask about the other person, in case they needed time to become brave enough to be ready to share their need or vulnerability? A friend of mine shared her story:

She has a dear friend whom she loves, who calls her often to share about her life. She is so happy to help her friend or simply just listen to her.

She’s not a big phone person, so she doesn’t call her friend often. But now she calls this friend even less.

If something is troubling her and she needs to vent, she finds that she can’t.  The conversation goes elsewhere. You see, sometimes it takes a bit to break down and talk about an issue that is bothering her.

So make sure you listen. Your friend might really need you to.

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