Chocolate Yogurt Shots


Just YUM. 

Chocolate Wafer Cookies (or Oreo’s. Oreo’s are perfection).

Dannon Greek Vanilla Yogurt (amount depends on how big the servings will be and how many people you are serving)

Chocolate Vodka (or your favorite flavor) (1 ounce -which is 1 teaspoon- per 2 ounces of yogurt)

2 Chocolate Candy Bars

I created this recipe for a party in 2014. You do NOT need to use Vodka – if you don’t, then you can bring them to work (which I did).

Get the best quality chocolate candy bars you can get. We have a discount grocery store nearby and they occasionally have fancy premium brands of chocolate.

Crush the chocolate cookies and sprinkle some in the bottom of each serving glass. Put both the crushed cookies and the serving glasses aside.

Warm your double boiler and prepare to melt one of the candy bars (or semi-melt it, leaving some chunks). Melt the chocolate slowly.

melted chocolate

Gently stir the vodka into the vanilla yogurt (no one said this was going to be a diet recipe). Then do the same as you add the chocolate. The vodka will thin the yogurt, and the chocolate, as it cools, will thicken it again. If you like chocolate, feel free to add any bits of un-melted chocolate.

Spoon the yogurt mixture into your serving cups. Instead of spooning it, you could also put it into a plastic baggie and squeeze it out into a swirl. Or spoon first then top off each cup with a swirl! Anything you like!

Sprinkle the crushed chocolate cookies over each serving. Top each of them off with cookie crumbles or even bits of leftover candy bars.

Voila! Enjoy!

 Lori in writing Soli Deo Gloria size 28 copy

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