Summer Vaca II

As mentioned, we had an amazing vacation as a family a few weeks later. From Ziplining to hikes, swimming and stargazing… 

This was taken after we ziplined 4,000 feet – we all wanted to go again!


A hike to a waterfall and a dip in the creek…


She had just finished teaching for the summer and had to prepare for her incoming 5th grade class. This was a fun photo she was going to send to her principal!


Stargazing. There were so many stars and the Milky Way was magnificent! Of course, the dogs had no clue as to why we were all lying on the ground next to the lake!


And yes, we saw a bear!

Despite the bear, this was probably the best, most relaxing vacation I have EVER had! Just goes to show that you don’t have to go TOO far from home to relax. Don’t worry, the bear was in the woods and we were on the road and I used a zoom to take the picture!


And I just have to show that we used Thirty-One bags while on vacation!

The Let’s Party bag is the Essential Storage Tote and that was packed with snacks and a sweatshirt and other miscellaneous things that we used while kayaking and picnicking.  The lunchbag we are using here is the Thermal Tote, and I used that for sandwiches on this particular day.


So there it is, a quick view of our vacation, and a great ending to our summer!

Enjoy your day!

Lori in writing Soli Deo Gloria size 28 copy



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