Joy in a bottle


You may think I’m crazy to write about this, or that perhaps I’m getting recompense,┬ábut I swear I am NOT!

Modern Floral Body Mist

I was picking up a prescription in CVS tonight after work and of course, before you get to the pharmacy you have to go through the store. So I meandered through and was drawn to the makeup sales, where I picked up a few things I need (I do!). While there I passed some perfume displays, but I walked by because though I love perfume, I am super picky when it comes to finding the right scent.

That said, I kept walking and came to an end-cap where these huge pretty plastic bottles of body spray were displayed. The just looked so nice that I had to stop. And then I thought, What the heck, and picked one up and sprayed it on my arm. After a beat the scent reached my nose and it was LOVELY!

It smelled like honeysuckles!

So now, of course, I want to share it! It was only $6.99 at CVS, go grab one, or four, and ENJOY!

#cvs Modern Floral

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