Why I throw children’s birthday parties

I recently read a post about a mom who spent $200 or more on birthday parties for her children. She reflected that she used to manage the parties herself using that budget, but now she gives her kids the reigns. She was proud of herself for allowing her kids to run their own parties, and that was the point of her post.

I have to shake my head. Why in the world would you spend that much money for a birthday party? There is no reason. I can see splurging at a milestone birthday, perhaps, but every single year? No. This simply leads to expectations that can’t be met.


And what if you just don’t have the money? Do you just not hold a birthday party because you can’t afford a fancy activity?

Have a party for any reason, but tone it down when you celebrate your 8 year old. Because before you know it, your 8 year old will be 16 and will expect the world to revolve around her. And this leads not only to issues with your own bank account but to how the world will relate to her in the future.

You might be surprised at how little kids need to have fun at a birthday party. A box of cake mix baked and frosted, some balloons, and some creativity, and the kids will have a blast.

Yes, there are kids who are already so spoiled and jaded that they won’t be pleased with the fun of a simple party, but some enthusiasm and creativity on your part can go a long way to success!

Here are some resources to get you started on party games:


New Zealand website Kiwi Families

birthday candles

Birthday Party Games using Household Items

cherry star bday cake

Twenty GREAT free Games for Parties

Just remember that it will take some time on your part but the payoff will be terrific!

And most of all, HAVE FUN!

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