The evils of electronics

I have read quite a few posts about the evils of electronics. I have sat through innumerable conversations about electronic appliances stealing our children’s youth. I have listened to parents express concern about the use of phones and electronics. I have read multiple articles about how devices are destroying the family.

14170320859euu6But wait for it – this post will be short:

Honestly, I believe the fault lies with parents not setting limits – mostly on themselves!!! Parents don’t take the time to put their own appliances away and they don’t set limits on their kids. Children do best with limits but parents are too lazy or too tired to debate (or quash) a child’s argument and just allow things to happen. And then society says negative things about children and teens and NO ONE points the finger at the REAL problem – PARENTS.

I know we are all working, and some of us work multiple jobs. But decide early what your responses are going to be when situations arise. Try to anticipate experiences and decide ahead of time what you will accept or won’t accept. Create expectations for your children’s behavior – AND YOUR OWN.

And instead of staying up late on the computer or watching TV, go to bed earlier to make sure you get enough sleep so you have the energy to deal with what life, and your kids, throws at you. 141058740403ie8

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