Take some and Make some…

In this year of the 2016 Presidential race, this Jeff Bridges video clip, from the HBO series The Newsroom, was going around Facebook recently. Apparently people were sharing it to highlight how great America was and how they wanted to make it great again. What a load of CRAP.

It is also detailed here, from Huff Post in 2012.


This makes me so angry. It seems to be older people blaming younger people for things they had no control over. Where were those adults when things were happening to make the lives we have now? The very adults who have contributed to life as it is now (apparently they only see the mess) were the gluttonous people running things in the 1990’s and 2000’s. They also started and came up in the “vulgar 80’s, the era of ”greed is good,” when many thought the party would last forever.”

So the students and young adults who are disgusted with today’s environment are the product of those people who were/are running things. No one is innocent, but doesn’t the blame for anything get to be placed on the shoulders of those in charge? Of course not.

And those same “grown-ups” were the ones who were dancing with glee at the big bonuses of 2006¬†and the same people in charge in 2008 during the worst single-day drop in stocks in two decades.

My original rant about this went on to become disjointed in my notes from the heat of the moment, so I’m leaving this here. It’s an outlet for my frustration but I’m often afraid to expound to the extend of my feelings! At the very least, I’m happy to have this off my chest.

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