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The Paris Attacks

Our pastor’s daughter is living in France five hours outside of Paris. You can imagine this was on our minds after the attacks in Paris on Friday night. My oldest and dearest friend lives in Belgium. The same country where some … Continue reading

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He’s gold.

My husband’s job is really rough. He works from 10 to 13 hours a day with no break for lunch (he can eat while he works which isn’t healthy but literally, he could eat, though he usually does not). He … Continue reading

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I started what we are now calling “Sock-mas” in our house last year on Christmas day. I began to randomly toss out socks throughout the festivities to everyone there. The kids LOVED it. Mostly because I don’t usually throw things … Continue reading

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An Italian and an Estonian walk into a bar…

During the drama of yesterday , I mentioned to Bill my desire to do something to the front yard. As I said this, I was holding the hose as Bill scrubbed the sludge off of his hands. When he responded, he … Continue reading

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Kids Just Don’t Know…

Kids just don’t know what they do to their parents when the kids go off to college! For my oldest child’s senior year of high school I was a wreck. I would cry at the slightest thing and I had … Continue reading

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Walking in some new shoes

How much goal setting do you do? I love to research goal setting but I can be quite lax implementing them… However, now that our youngest has left for college my husband and I are discussing goals for our future … Continue reading

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14 years later

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Summer Vaca II

As mentioned, we had an amazing vacation as a family a few weeks later. From Ziplining to hikes, swimming and stargazing…  This was taken after we ziplined 4,000 feet – we all wanted to go again! A hike to a … Continue reading

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Need an excuse to play?

I spotted this post on Pinterest and thought it was a lot of fun – not just for bloggers but for everyone! On the first of every month I share an email with my company team with everyone’s birthdays, and … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy: Meatball and Cheese Simple Goodness

So I had everyone home for the weekend, but it was Friday night and I was exhausted. Not wanting to order pizza (again) I made a Meatball Sub Casserole for extra delicious and super easy home-cooking. Can you tell we … Continue reading

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