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Listen here.

Do you listen? No, I’m not saying this in anger. I’m asking you honestly and kindly. Do you really listen? Do you allow a break in a conversation to ask about the other person, in case they needed time to … Continue reading

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Using 1 Corinthians 13:4-6

Article by Diane Stark from Thriving Family

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Super Simple from the Pantry

Now that my kids are adults and I’m working full time, I am not the cook I used to be. Actually, I was never NEVER Julia Childs but I did cook every day. Unfortunately,I still shop as if I continue to … Continue reading

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Take some and Make some…

In this year of the 2016 Presidential race, this Jeff Bridges video clip, from the HBO series The Newsroom, was going around Facebook recently. Apparently people were sharing it to highlight how great America was and how they wanted to … Continue reading

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Summer Eats Spring – Here’s something for you…

At our house my husband and I share the cooking, but FREQUENTLY, right after breakfast or right after lunch, he asks me what we’re having for dinner! Does this happen in your world?? When I ask him how he can be thinking … Continue reading

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Why I throw children’s birthday parties

I recently read a post about a mom who spent $200 or more on birthday parties for her children. She reflected that she used to manage the parties herself using that budget, but now she gives her kids the reigns. … Continue reading

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Angel babies

The older I get, the more painful it is to remember them. Before the birth of my son, I experienced two miscarriages. At the time, I took solace that the babies wouldn’t have felt much pain, if any. My doctor told … Continue reading

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The evils of electronics

I have read quite a few posts about the evils of electronics. I have sat through innumerable conversations about electronic appliances stealing our children’s youth. I have listened to parents express concern about the use of phones and electronics. I … Continue reading

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S’more Shots

It’s party season! While I am not a huge fans of jello shots (even though I love jello), I love the response this recipe gets!  I mean, everyone loves S’mores! It is super simple! You start by allowing the marshmallows to … Continue reading

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